Human first. Start with Why. Creating the future, without fear.

Michele Spiezia

process architect & people person. Human questioning everything.

I'm an inherent doer, self starter and master facilitator. I love lists. I skipped a grade in middle school, went to college while I was in high school, and left home at 17 to put myself through undergrad at NYU.

I was the waitress that met the tomato boy at the farm stand in Union Square, and started making big plans.  A film company, the wonder boy (pictured with me, left), and a few stray cats along the way.

I learned from having to do things on my own that I could do anything I wanted to.  If you ask me, 'serial entrepreneur' is an understatement. And while I never could have imagined the path, it's all coming together in beautiful, messy, unexpected ways.

Currently, I'm teaching (and learning) with a bunch of incredible kids, and dreaming up more ways to be sure they keep the future human, creating & leveraging technology in meaningful ways.

the short list