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We believe the future is human.


Human first. Start with why. Creating the future, without fear.


embrace uncertainty

The future is uncertain, if nothing else. We teach students, families & teachers to be open to change & to harness the possibilities that lie in a fuzzy future.

question everything

Critical thinking starts with questions. At Human First, we learn how to ask a great question, encouraging a process of discovery and collaboration.

leverage technology

Technology is simply a tool. Human First supports a human-centered approach to technology, respecting that it is an inherent part of our lives.

keep it human

Human First. We mean it. Technology can be used to improve, expand and connect us all. Real people & relationships are at the center of our work. Always. 


'an education capable of saving all humanity is no small undertaking.'

-maria montessori


Human first. Start with Why. Creating the future, without fear.

Michele Spiezia

process architect & people person. Human questioning everything.

I'm an inherent doer, self starter and master facilitator. I love lists. I skipped a grade in middle school, went to college while I was in high school, and left home at 17 to put myself through undergrad at NYU.

I was the waitress that met the tomato boy at the farm stand in Union Square, and started making big plans.  A film company, the wonder boy (pictured with me, left), and a few stray cats along the way.

I learned from having to do things on my own that I could do anything I wanted to.  If you ask me, 'serial entrepreneur' is an understatement. And while I never could have imagined the path, it's all coming together in beautiful, messy, unexpected ways.

Currently, I'm teaching (and learning) with a bunch of incredible kids, and dreaming up more ways to be sure they keep the future human, creating & leveraging technology in meaningful ways.

the short list